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What are the benefits of using GetFoodOnline

Its all well and good being able to take orders for your restaurant, but what are the benefits to your as an owner? The answer is 'lots', here are just a few:

Correctness - with the best will in the world, telephone orders are not the most reliable way of taking an order. Groups shouting orders around a room and accent understanding problems are two of the most common reasons for incorrect orders. By letting your customers order online they can take their time and make sure that what they are ordering is exactly what they want. For you, no misunderstandings.

Customer Service - by encouraging your customers to order online rather than by phone you can free up your cashier to give better service to the customers on premises.

Updatable - once you commit to a run of paper menus your menu is fixed until you invest in a new print run. By having your menu online you can modify it as often as you like - customers see the new menu immediately.

Kudos - having an online presence shows that you are at the leading edge. Being able to take orders online offers 10x more than just having a static page. There are very few restaurants currently offering online takeaway so you could be the first in your area - you could even get valuable press from local papers for being the first to do this.

Cost Efficiency - a lot of time has been spent researching an developing the GetFoodOnline service. Choosing to design a bespoke solution to offer this would prove very costly. GetFoodOnline is there waiting for you. You could be online in a day.

Presence - we are growing our directory and we will be trying very hard to get it to the top of the search engine listings. Getting a good advert on our directory will help you to be found on the internet, and make sure that you are the restaurant that gets the order.

Don't Get Left Behind - although a new service, when restaurants in an area start to offer this service, any restaurant who cannot take orders online will start to lose orders as people choose to order from those that can.


There are many reasons why using GetFoodOnline can help your takeaway move to the next level. Register now or get left behind.



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