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Frequently Asked Questions
You are sure to have some questions about how an online system from GetFoodOnline works. This section will attempt to answer any questions you may have. If not, feel free to contact us at info@getfoodonline.com.

How do I receive my orders?
Depending on the package you pick, your orders will either be sent to an email address of your choice, or you can view them online with the GetFoodOnline online order system. The orders will contain descriptions of the items ordered, name and contact details of the customer, an order ID, costing and totals and additional notes that the customer has supplied.

Does that mean that I need to have a computer at my restaurant?
Not necessarily.
We do recommend using a computer to get the most out of the system. However, if the cost or installation of a computer makes this prohibitive, you can choose to have your orders delivered by email to a mobile phone rather than a computer.
If you do choose to use a computer, then you will only need a low spec PC (running Windows XP or later) with a monitor, and a broadband or ADSL internet connection at your restaurant. If you don't have a PC, we can even supply one from around £200.

Whether you use a mobile phone or a computer to collet your orders, we can offer optional SMS notification to compliment the solution.

How will my customers get to my website?
Your online website will be available at http://www.getfoodonline.com/restaurantname. For a small additional cost, and depending on availability you can choose to have your site hosted at your own domain, eg. http://www.myrestaurantname.co.uk. Normally you would promote your own site by including the address on your menus or in-store. Your restaurant will also be listed for free on our online directory.

Can my customers pay online?
Currently online payment is not supported. The reason for this is that if a customer is unhappy with the service then the onus would be put on the restaurant owner to handle refunds. However, online payment is possible using paypal or credit-cards - if you would like to consider this for your site, contact us for a more detailed discussion of the issues involved, and the costs associated.

What sort of information can I have on my site?
Our simple site designer allows you to configure lots of information about your takeaway to make your page tailored to you. You can include:

  • A completely custom 'home page' with any information and pictures you want.
  • Your contact details, eg. name, phone, fax and address.
  • Directions and a map.
  • Your own colour scheme and takeawa logo.
  • Your menu, including sections, costs, choices, additional cost choices, combination deals and more.
  • Pictures of the items on your menu
  • 'Nutritional' information about each item, including 'vegetarian', 'contains nuts' and 'mild/medium/hot'.
  • Whether you deliver
  • Areas that you deliver to, and costs associated with each area (including 'free over...')
  • Your opening hours - we'll automatically stop accepting orders for you when you are shut

    What if I want to stop taking orders?
    With the standard and pro packages you can choose to stop taking orders at any time, stop taking delivery orders only, and even change the expected waiting times that will be shown to your customers.

    What if I want more flexibility, or some completely custom additions?
    GetFoodOnline has been developed by a development team with a high skill set, and many years of commerical experience. If you want 'that little something extra' then feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote.

    Can I advertise on my site?
    We will automatically place a small section of targetted adverts on your site. For an extra charge we can replace these with adverts of your choice. You will be responsible the commercial agreements for any adverts that you run, but adverts must confirm to certain standards. You may find that you can actually make money by advertising on your site. If you've chosen to run custom adverts, then you can configure these using the site designer.

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