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Introduction to Online Takeaways with GetFoodOnline

 When you first register with GetFoodOnline, a site is created for you. This will usually be in the form of http://www.getfoodonline/restaurantname, although you can pay extra for a web address of your choice (subject to availability).

Site Designer

Your website will be shown as 'under construction' until you have configured it using the GetFoodOnline Site Designer software. This small application will be supplied to you when you register, along with a username and password.

Designing your site

When you run the site designer you can easily supply all of the details about your restaurant and its menu. When you've finished designing you can upload your new configuration.

When all of the required information has been entered, your site will be online and ready to take orders. See screenshots of the site designer here. If you don't want to spend your valuable time entering in your entire menu, we offer an entry service for as little as £19.99, depending on the size of your menu.

Ordering from your site

Once your site is online you can start to tell your customers, and they will be able to order online from you. To experience online ordering we've set up a fictitious restaurant. Feel free to use this site and to place orders - remember the restaurant is ficticious so you wont have to pay! Access our demo site here.

Getting your Orders

Depending on the package you choose, you will receive your orders by email, or by using the online Order website. When you are using email, each order placed on your site will be sent as an email to the address of your choice (we give you an email address free). The email will contain the full order details, including contact details for the customer. You can collect your email using a computer with an internet connection, or we can show you how to use a mobile phone to do this - meaning you don't even need a PC!

When you are using the Order website, you will login when the restaurant opens. The page will automatically refresh as new orders are placed. Unviewed orders will be highlighted, and you can select the order you want to view. You can control the state of the order from the site, from 'waiting', to 'ready', 'collected' or 'cancelled'. You can also view historic orders.

Also using the Order website you can choose to stop taking orders, stop accepting orders for delivery, and even change the current waiting times that are shown to your customers when they are ordering food from you.

See screenshots of the order pages here.


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