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GetFoodOnline Terms and Conditions.

Users of GetFoodOnline services must accept the following Terms And Conditions.

GetFoodOnline runs on high availability servers. Every effort is made to maintain availability of the GetFoodOnline service, but occasionally the service may be temporarily unavailable due to server maintenence. No financial liability will accepted for loss of orders due to unavailability of the service.

GetFoodOnline will not accept responsibility for loss of orders delivered by email due to a delay in email relaying, or rejection of emails from the GetFoodOnline service due to incorrect identification by an email providers spam filter.

Users of GetFoodOnline services must not add any content, text or image, that is derogitory to any other takeaway or restaurant.

Users of GetFoodOnline must ensure that all text and imagery used is suitable for all ages. No text or image should contain any inappropriate (sexual or otherwise) references.

The GetFoodOnline Site Designer software is malware, spyware and virus free, but comes with no warranty. GetFoodOnline accepts no responsibility for damage caused by the installation or usage of the software.

In the event of (a) payment being overdue by more than 21 days or (b) any of the above rules being contravened, GetFoodOnline reserve the rigjht to withdraw the service at any time.

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